Who We Are…

What is Song From the North Country?

Song From the North Country is a group of collaborating musicians from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Before the pandemic we each had our own regular musical outlets: we gigged out as solo acts and bands, went to jam circles, sang and played around campfires and gave lessons.

As venues began to close down in early 2020, musicians everywhere increased their presence on social media, keeping their friends and fans engaged with their music. It seemed they already knew how to provide a needed source of comfort and hope to their communities, and people loved it.

Through those livestreamed concerts and homey video productions, audiences were now invited to take a virtual seat in the living rooms and at the kitchen tables of their favorite musicians – a new perspective that somehow felt more personal, more intimate than ever before.

Music had become a tangible bridge between us – connecting isolated people, hungry for community.

Sweet as those new connections between musicians and audiences were becoming, something really important — at the heart of everything — had still gone missing. We missed playing with bandmates and campfire jammers, all our co-conspirators in the creation of music that was collaborative and bigger than just us alone.

Song From the North Country restores a little bit of that missing community to us all. Like a band or a campfire jam group, we share our music with each other and it brings us joy. We produce a video to share that music with an audience wider than our own, and we become part of a bigger, now more well-connected community. We all find ourselves connected by music, our self-identification with the north country, and our love for one another.

Our third collaborative video production, “Song From the North Country: It’s Gonna Be Love,” was just released on Thursday, 2/11/21. Written by the Fish Heads’ Kim Curtis-Monson and Mike Monson, it’s our collaborative and happy take on the persistence and power of love — set in the wintry forests, hearths and homes of the north country. We hope you enjoy it!

Timothy Soden-Groves
Song From the North Country

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