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Freedom Song

"When we were young the tracks went down past the wrong side of our hometown..." ~ Songwriter Timothy Soden-Groves

As the the long, COVID Summer of 2020 drew to a close with its protests and violence over deep, long-held, systemic injustices in the life of our nation, we wanted to remind ourselves and our community of the hope we have in our shared American vision.

Conceived by Timothy Soden-Groves, “Freedom Song” was the result of a truly collaborative process in its lyrical content and musical arrangement — a process that drew us into a place of profound trust and respect for our different experiences and perspectives. The song was released 9/14/2020.

We’ve had so much fun with outro credit videos. Please be sure to watch this one, featuring “Gigaa Ombishkaamin” (We Will Rise), an original composition by Nitaa-Nagamokwe (Lyz Jaakola).

Musicians in order of appearance:
Don Schraufnagel
Kraig Erickson
Les Hazelton
Kate Isles
Mike Monson
Kelly Smith
Arlene Anderson
Sydney Hanson
Ken Johnson
Bill Isles
Beth Hazelton
Brandy Forsman
Timothy Soden-Groves
Brian Stelmaszewski
Kim Curtis-Monson
Tom Maloney
Nitaa-Nagamokwe (Lyz Jaakola)
Diane Soden-Groves

Produced by Timothy Soden-Groves
Associate Producer Leslie Black
“Gigaa Ombishkaamin” by Nitaa-Nagamokwe (Lyz Jaakola)
“Freedom Song” by Timothy Soden-Groves
Freedom Song gifted to the Public Domain. Share the Love.

I’ve no time to argue over lies
or hatred
or conspiracies
So tell me of your dreams
of your aspirations
of the world you want to build
And I will sing of mine.
~ Mothy Groves

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