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It’s Gonna Be Love

"Rise up from the ashes... Rise up out of the night... It’s gonna be LOVE... It’s gonna be alright." ~ Songwriter Kim Curtis-Monson

Released 2/11/21, here is the very latest from the collaborating musicians of Song From the North Country — a group of talented and caring artists who make the world a better place through their music. The song, “It’s Gonna Be Love,” was written for this project by Kim Curtis-Monson and Mike Monson.

Musicians in order of appearance:
Kim Curtis-Monson
Mike Monson
Don Schraufnagel
Bev Johnson
Leslie Black
Les Hazelton
Lee Johnson
Robi Meyerson
Kelly Smith
Beth Hazelton
Arlene Anderson
Diane Soden-Groves
Paul Jones
Timothy Soden-Groves
Brian Stelmaszewski
Nitaa-Nagamokwe, Lyz Jaakola
Carl Zoretich

Produced by Timothy Soden-Groves
Associate Producer Leslie Black
“It’s Gonna Be Love” song copyright 2021 Kim Curtis-Monson/Mike Monson
Used by permission.

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